Four ways a dirty air duct can cause damages to you

Why clean your Air ducts?
Your Air duct is an important component of your home. And like many of the other things, if they are not kept clean all the time, they would pose significant risks to your health, as well as that of your family and friends. What does an air duct add to the home? Fresh and clean air. But can fresh and cool air be let into your home if the ducts are very dirty and clogged? For this reason, it is important that your duct cleaning in Lancaster Park is regularly done by top professionals. Here are some of the dangers that you and your family are exposed to when you have a dirty or clogged airway.

Dangers of not cleaning your air ducts

Although inhaling fresh air is one of the major reasons for cleaning your air duct regularly, the following are the dangers of not cleaning the air ducts in your home.


Molds are dangerous additions to your air ducts that can present various health risks. If the air ducts remain dirty for an extended period, they can form condensation, which is the best breeding ground for mold and fungus growth. Molds may be easily transported by dust particles, and it is known that their spores pose a health hazard when inhaled. A headache and dizziness are among the most common reactions to inhaling a mold spore.

Pest attacks

If your air duct has been clogged for too long, a parasitic infestation might set in. Pests and some insects can get trapped in there, or they could intentionally start living in the clogged air duct. And this surely becomes a risk to your sound health. Not only do they become a nuisance to the air ducts transfer of good air, they usually carry certain diseases in their excrement, and this can contaminate the air that’s entering your home. Not just that, you are not prepared for the fleas they are infected with.


It doesn’t take rocket science to know that if a place is not cleaned, there will be dust in there. Most often, dust is easily stored in the air ducts. What is the component of dust? It consists of particles which include all and anything in the home; this ranges from pollution to dirt, the remains of insects, animal hair or even ashes. Which one of those would you like to inhale? You need a duct cleaning Lancaster Park service to clean your ducts.
But if you do not purify your duct, it will mix with the air entering your home, and you will inhale it into your body as you breathe in the air. These most definitely cause irritation and some allergic reactions.


If the air ducts in your home are not maintained or cleaned properly, then the material used in the insulation may gradually disintegrate and mix into the air. The air ducts are majorly insulated with asbestos, and if the air ducts are what you feel unconcerned about, then they can be damaged, and the asbestos is therefore allowed to float in the air.
By calling for professional duct cleaning in Lancaster Park, you can prevent all these issues and lead a healthy and trouble-free life. It shouldn’t be allowed to degenerate and cause harm before it is cleaned and maintained.

The types of ducts

Duct cleaning has been a hot topic lately. And I felt it was important to share the types of ductworks available. Let us begin our discussion on the three most basic types of ductwork that you will find.

One of the most common types of duct one would find today is the flexible duct or the flex duct (as some people call it). The Flex duct is an internal plastic tube which is supported by a spiral wire and wrapped-in insulation. The flexible duct depending on the airflow requirements may have a diameter of only about 4 to 20 inches. Flexible duct systems are easily cleanable and are not prone to permanent damage if biological organisms grow organically inside them. The molds are not permeable to the plastic, so it is easy to clean the flex duct system without too much stress. In the worst cases, we may need to change the distribution or mixing boxes which connects the ducts. The boxes consist of a duct or fiber boards. A good commercial duct cleaning Edmonton team will easily clean this for you.

Then we have the duct systems which are entirely made of fiberboard. It was popularly used between the late "70s and the mid" 90s. Fiberboards are also the right material for apartments and condos, where the round and flex ducts simply do not work because of a lack of space. A fiberboard duct system is a completely different thing entirely, and it’s not an option to clean when it is necessary to clean due to organic growths or dust and dirt issues in the fiberboard system. Any move to clean the duct board, the surface seal will be damaged, and small particles of fiberglass will be spread across throughout the room.

Until some years ago, duct boards didn’t have protections against biological growth and the fiberboard duct systems were the perfect storm for mold growth. Molds need just three things to grow and be very happy, and that’s moisture, food, and darkness.

Today"s fiber is equipped with some extra coating which help prevents biological growths. The bad news is: if you have an old fiberboard in your home, only its replacement is the best way for new ductwork. There is also a paint which is called Foster 40/20. It can be applied inside the previous duct board, and it encapsulates the bad spores; however, the mold can continue to grow underneath it and cause problems in the future. It is, however, important to get a commercial duct cleaning Lancaster Park team to help and then provide professional advice on how to go about it.

And finally, there is the metal duct system. The metal duct systems were very popular around the 70s and 80s. When a metal duct system is in a good condition, it may be cleaned without any problems at all. One of the problems faced by the commercial duct cleaning Edmonton service team with the old metal ductwork is that while trying to clean up the ductwork, the vibration from the cleaning causes the duct work to split apart from the seams. For this reason, it is very important that the ducts are thoroughly inspected before attempting to clean them. This can be done by a commercial duct cleaning Lancaster Park service team.

How Commercial Duct Cleaning in Lancaster Park affects the air quality in homes

It is not a secret that most people spend most of their time indoors. It could be in the offices or at home. It is believed that they breathe cleaner and healthier air indoors because they are in a controlled environment, but are they? The air inside, is it purer and cleaner than that outside? Studies have shown that sometimes this is not the case! According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), outdoor air is two to five times more polluted than what is obtained indoor, but the air duct in the house might betray you (if it"s dirty). Having known this, one may ask what can be done to keep the air inside as clean as expected. It’s simple, get a Commercial Duct Cleaning Lancaster Park service team to clean the air ducts.

Why Commercial Duct Cleaning in Lancaster Park is important in homes

Imagine the stuff in your homes like the carpets, rugs and the air ducts as if they were a huge trap of dust, allergens, dirt, and other harmful and unpleasant substances. That"s just what these things are! We walk on them and raise more dust while walking on the carpet or rugs, after all, we cannot avoid movement in our homes. However, we can avoid the dirt and dust raised by keeping the carpet in its best shape and calling the professionals to do the cleaning when needed, and a Commercial Duct Cleaning Lancaster Park service team to help clean the ducts.
Keeping the carpet clean is more than just improving the appearance at home or the office. It also affects the health of your loved ones and family, yourself and even your customers! And because duct cleaning is safe and improves the environment in the home, it"s certainly a great way to keep the air indoor safe. Duct cleaning requires nothing that you should be worried about. There will for sure be no residues of cleaning solutions left neither will there be damages caused by the use of chemicals.

If you are concerned about the growth of molds, as should be the case when you talk about moisture, then you must be rest assured there will be no issues – however, you must get the best duct cleaning specialists.

A few reasons why you should clean your air duct

  • It helps improve the quality of indoor air
  • Cleaning the air duct eliminates impurities from the ducts, and it guarantees optimum indoor air quality. We know your health is dependent on the environment in which you live; consequently, indoor air directly influences your health. Therefore cleaning it helps maintain your health.
  • Your clean cooling and heating systems can help consume less and more efficient energy, this, therefore, saves you more energy and ultimately saves more money in the long run.
  • Cleaning the duct creates a cleaner environment for you
  • Professional air duct cleaning reduces dust in your living space which lands on your furniture, your bed, on the floor or anywhere. And fortunately, deep cleaning of the air ducts reduces the required amount of internal ducting and cleaning required to maintain a very hygienic home.


These are only a few reasons why you need a clean air duct and why it is recommended you get a commercial duct cleaning Lancaster Park service as soon as possible when necessary.

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