Clean your ducts

Since you don"t see your ducts most of the time (they are hidden behind sheet rock, floors, and rarely frequented rooms) it"s often a struggle to understand why they may need regular cleaning. However, the ducts in a home circulate air through them regularly that comes through the return vents; the air that enters the return vents contains dirt, skin flakes, pet dander, and other contamination. Over the span of a year, this debris will begin to build up along the inside of the ductwork, and after three years this contamination level is often enough to begin to create problems for your home, the quality of your air, and the heating system.

To prevent the problems of dirty ductwork, you should schedule regular duct cleaning. Every 3– 5 years is recommended, although some homes may need it more often. The job requires professionals with power vacuums and agitation equipment; it isn"t something you can handle yourself using a dirt devil and a brush

To protect your indoor air quality: Indoor air quality has been on the decline since home design created better heat sealing. Duct cleaning removes a major source for air contaminants from inside a home, helping to keep it a healthier and more enjoyable place.

To lower your heating and cooling bills: Even the small amount of dust that can start to accumulate in ducts after only a year is adequate to create friction against the airflow from an air conditioning unit or forced-air heater. The harder an AC or heater has to work to rise above friction, the more power it will drain, and you will see this reflected on your monthly bills. Heavy congestion in the ducting can mean a comfort system that costs up to a third more to run. Keeping the “lungs" of your HVAC system clean will keep costs down.

To keep your house clean: Here"s a startling fact: a six-room residence on average circulates 18 Kilos. Cleaner ducts mean a cleaner home.

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